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Great Community Give 2019

Your donation today may become a leaf on the next student’s family tree  . . . and sprout a lifetime of learning.

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“That’s my grandfather!”
A high school history class explored the Genealogy & Research Library at The Heritage Museum. As his classmates tackled their research assignment and enthusiastically shared history bits, one young man was completely uninterested . . . until he recognized his grandfather in a library resource! Suddenly, he was eager to discover more. Volunteers helped him look through additional books and files. Mission accomplished! That personal connection fueled his curiosity about the past.

Genealogy becomes a personal introduction to the study of history.
The story of the student is not unique. Many library patrons caught the genealogy bug in their youth. Whenever it strikes, the desire to learn more about ancestors’ lives requires a look into the past.

Learning about family helps form personal identity and cultural awareness. Discovering local history offers a tool to understanding our community and to becoming informed citizens. Research builds reading comprehension and organization and critical thinking skills.

Connecting generations is an important part of the Historical Society’s mission.
The Genealogy Library has been expanding. More Valley records are on the shelves. The library recently became affiliated with FamilySearch, the world’s largest collection of genealogy records. Admission to explore the resources and archives is now free to the general public.

And family researchers continue to compile genealogies which contribute to the rich archive of historical records lining the shelves, filling the drawers, and expanding the digital files.

But there is more to offer!
To support free access to digital records and provide a comfortable environment for researchers, funding for technology is needed: additional computer workstations, upgraded wireless infrastructure, resource digitization, plus other website and online improvements.

Give to Local History Research & Education Resources
for students of all ages.
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