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Online Resources

NEW!! The Library catalog, plus the Collection of artifacts, archives, and photographs are now available to view online. This is a volunteer-driven project. Please help by providing additions and corrections, as you see them.

Link to The Heritage Museum Collections Records

The creation of the online database is the result of countless volunteer hours and is a project that continues each week. Although there are still many hours of work ahead, the existing searchable database gives a good sneak peek at what the Genealogy Library resources have to offer.

Link to The Heritage Museum Genealogy Library Database

The Genealogy Library has an extensive collection of research records. The following link provides a listing, with additional links to digital collections. Stay tuned for future updates!

Link to The Heritage Museum Genealogy Library Other Resources

An online bookshelf provides access to library resources for personal use and research.

Link to The Heritage Museum Genealogy Library Online Bookshelf


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